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Balasys IT Kft. Aliz Decathlon Omnicoach Trenkwalder

Why Kifli.Tech?

At KifliTech, weโ€™re good listeners. Thatโ€™s why we take the time to get to know your business inside and out before ever laying a finger on a keyboard. When the time comes to start creating solutions, we get to work hand in hand with you, using research, strategy, and insights to craft a solution that fits your needs.

Enterprise website

Balasys IT Kft. is an IT security company so they surely know every trick of the trade. However, they were uncertain about how to create a website that reflects their high quality and value. Fortunately, we know the ropes of website development and were able to help them out using cutting edge solutions. #fastaslightning We are glad they put their trust in us!

  • Blazing fast responsive frontend
  • Custom CMS solution
  • Design System

Website developement

Aliz was founded by a team of business and IT professionals with one vision in mind: to help companies prepare for a new digital age. Aliz was born in the cloud, and our team became pioneers in recognizing the role of Big Data and ML in business โ€“ so we sought out the best engineers, and worked out a holistic, agile approach to our processes.

  • Custom CMS solution
  • React frontend
  • Custom design

Squatting counter kiosk
Dechatlon Hungary

We created a system that can count repetitions of certain exercise movements taken in front of a camera. Decathlon wanted to use this โ€“ then non-existent โ€“ tool to raise money for different charities. For us, it was one the most challenging tasks in the last few years but we were determined to make those charities up and running! We were happy to contribute to such a wonderful idea and we look forward to continuing the collaboration!

  • A.I. - Image recognition
  • Full stack sotfware developement
  • Design

Mobile and web application
Virtual Power Plant program

We designed and developed a mobile application for educational purposes on behalf of RoiWorks Zrt. We are always happy to facilitate such a great cause as raising awareness on environmental issues.

  • Cloud based mobile development
  • Firebase
  • Full stack sotfware developement
  • Design

Main areas where we can help

We create Digital prodcuts from strategy to design to development.
We are a team of various specialists. Our mission is to translate your mission into code. By combining decades of experience in product management and software development we deliver technology and services that help you build a better business.

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design Thinking in Action

We're not a software agency. We're digital strategists, ready to help you develop your company's online reputation and communicate your unique value to the world.


experiences that matter

Our designers specialize in creating interfaces and experiences that are not only beautiful, but also keep your customers happy. Our goal is to create products that can be easily used by anyone, thus to empower people through technology.


bringing IT to life

Our mission is to translate your mission into code. Whether youโ€™re looking to deliver an application or a complete product, our software developers will ensure that your vision is turned into reality. In addition, we provide technical consultancy for existing products.

Great product starts with a great client.

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